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Thanks for your interest in Go. Serve. Love and our passionate vision to guide and equip prospective global workers for long-term success in leading others to follow Jesus. 

Write for us! And Keep this in mind

We want your stories of journeying–or landing–over there.

We’re talking stories about this-is-harder-than-I thought, wish-I-would-have-known, I-love-my-job, or I-made-a-royal-cultural-mess-up. Tell us

  • your success stories
  • your bit-it-big-time stories
  • your still-figuring-this-out stories
  • your stories of what is changing in the world of global work
  • and other stories that simply help us know about how to Go. Serve. Love…better.

Help us to not forget a people group; to know what it’s like as a doula in the Middle East; to know your best recipe for beans and rice, and the person who delighted you with it. We want to hear it all to help others muddle through this, too.

Here are a few guidelines to give your 300-800-word piece the best chance at success with our audience. These are pretty simple, so no need to freak out.

  1. Check your tone. We love posts that are fresh, authentic, and easily understood by those who didn’t grow up in the Church. (We also love funny, as long as your piece has a purpose beyond humor.) We’re cool with posts that have appeared elsewhere first. Just confirm you hold the copyright yourself and all parties are willing to grant us permission.
  2. We like minimal “Christianese”: If you’re feeling blessed, covered by grace, saved, or led–that’s great. But we’d prefer you say it in a way that doesn’t use those words. (See this article! Trust us: This kind of writing is great prep for cross-cultural experiences.) For example, if you’re hoping to use a phrase like “God called me”, explain what that looked like: I prayed, xyz circumstances showed me, I sensed the Holy Spirit changing me as I compared xyz Scripture to xyz in real life… This can help you communicate clearly, connect truly, and translate your message to the “culture” of those who didn’t grow up in church. 
  3. We’d like you to love our audience well, so please subscribe to our site before submitting. And have someone read over your piece for punctuation and grammar.
  4. We’re looking for posts that
    • avoid paternalism.
    • promote sustainable methods–for example, not utilizing relief methods in situations more appropriate for development, and building up local followers of Jesus to reach their own people.
    • promote collaborating in partnerships with other organizations, rather than working in a silo.
    • long for God to express Himself fully in other cultures (see posts like this!)
    • think critically about what is biblical vs. what is Christian culture. (Does each new Christian need to “pray the prayer”? Do they need to give up dancing? etc.)
  5. We long for our faith to be worked out in flesh and blood. So we’d like your piece to have a practical element. Ask yourself, “What do I hope people will do as a result of reading?” But we’re not just interested in success; we learn from our failures, too. 

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