Tools for Your Trip

Here’s our accumulating stash of the best resources we’ve got to prepare you to Go. Serve. Love.

We’re talking questionnaires, questions to ask, devotionals–and they’re all FREE, y’all. (If you’re looking for even more practical tips, make sure to check out our Worked for Me Wednesdays series, giving great advice on the little stuff like luggage and cooking.)

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First, a printable, flexible timeline infographic to help you start picturing the journey there. 

Nope, this won’t encompass everything. But you’ll start to see how all this comes together, and maybe even if you’ve been missing anything.

Overwhelming? Sho ’nuff. But most journeys worth taking are.

Let your life be God-sized.


Then, here’s a list of 5 ways to pray for God’s will as you navigate through your next steps.

Finally–wondering if your efforts–or the organization you’re thinking of going with–are on the right track to sustainable, effective outcomes? Check out these 7 critical standards. And print them here!

7 standards of excellence in global work

Ready to press unreached people groups further into your heart? Here’s a printable guide to pray for them! Find practical ways to use this guide here–and consider printing this out for your church or small group.

unreached people groups

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